November’s First Wednesday of the Month Tournament Results

Our “First Wednesday of the Month” tournament was held November 2nd. We had 8 players and played a single Round Robin of Blitz (G/5). Ben Silva won first place. Don Conner and Hugh Cline split second place. Following is the cross-table:

First Wednesday of the Month Tournament
November 2, 2011 
No.    Name              1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8  Score
1. Conner, Donald ...... x   L   W   L   W   W   W   W   5.0
2. Cline, Hugh ......... W   x   W   L   W   L   W   W   5.0
3. Dougherty, Colin .... L   L   x   D   W   W   W   W   4.5
4. Silva, Ben........... W   W   D   x   W   W   W   W   6.5
5. Cullifer, Steven..... L   L   L   L   x   W   L   W   2.0
6. Foco, Roger.......... L   W   L   L   L   x   L   W   2.0
7. Lee-Sursin, Julian... L   L   L   L   W   W   x   W   3.0
8. Chen, Ben............ L   L   L   L   L   L   L   x   0.0

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for next month’s “First Wednesday” tournament on December 7th. This will be a G/10 tournament. # of rounds and format depends on how many players we have. Registration is from 6:45 to 7:00 PM. Please don’t be late.

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