Posted in January 2012

Upcoming Chess Tournaments

I wanted to post a quick update of some upcoming chess tournaments. You can see upcoming tournaments on our website’s Schedule Page. First Wednesday of the Month Tournament A reminder that our next “monthly” tournament will be this Wednesday (“First Wednesday of the Month”) at Gamescape. This is a G/5 tournament. Registration is 6:45 pm … Continue reading

Chess TV Episode #363

Here is this week’s episode of Chess TV (episode #363). This episode has the Chess Opening School which takes a look at the Queen’s Indian Defense, a new chess puzzle, Chess & Machiavelli, and more chess history from the Nordic Museum. you can visit their website at for more information.

Chess TV, Episode #362

Here’s the latest ChessTV episode (#362). There are a few episodes that were “skipped.” Actually the “skipped” episodes were produced over the winter break, but are only in Swedish. So here is the newest English version. This latest episode includes the Opening School where they continue the Nimzo-Indian Defense (part 7), the Chess Puzzle, more … Continue reading

Florida All Stars Scholastic Tournament

I wanted to post the following information for any scholastic parents/players. You can visit the FSCL website  or call them at (786) 444-2467 for more information The Florida Scholastic Chess League (FSCL) has just announced that the Florida All Stars Scholastic Tournament (FAST) will be held April 21-22 at the Marriott Palm Beach Gardens in West Palm Beach.        This is … Continue reading

January Tournament Results

Finally, here are the results from January’s “First Wednesday” chess tournament. Sorry for the delay in posting this. We had a strong turnout with 8 players for a 4-round Swiss G/15 tournament. Jon Sanford won clear first place with 3.5/4.0 and Richard Kennedy took clear second place with 3.0/4.0. Following is the wall chart from … Continue reading

Solution to Endgame Study #5

Here is the solution/analysis for this week’s endgame study #5. Composition by Paul Keres, Magyar Sakkvilág, 1936. White to Play 1.Nc2+! Ka2     [ 1…Bxc2 2.Qb8         A) 2…b2+ 3.Kxc2 b1Q+ ( 3…h3 4.Qa8# ; 3…Ka2 4.Qa8# ) 4.Qxb1# ;         B) 2…Bd3 3.Qa8+ Ba6 4.Qxa6# ;       … Continue reading

2012 Queen of Hearts Chess Tournament Announcment

I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this upcoming chess tournament in Montgomery, Alabama. This is a wonderful tournament and I encourage all Tallahassee Chess Club members to try and attend this event. Download the flyer in PDF format. A Heritage Event! Also, a Montgomery Chess Club Event! Feb. 18-19 40th Annual Queen of Hearts … Continue reading