Posted in July 2014

Chess Puzzle Friday

First, the solution to last week’s puzzle: 1. Rd7+ Rxd7 2. Qxd7+ Kf8 3. Qd8+ Qe8 4. Qxe8# or 1. Rd7+ Kf8 2. Rxf7+ Kxf7  and white wins the black queen for a rook. Last week’s puzzle comes from the game Jennifer Shahade vs Martha Fierro Baquero, Guarapuava, 1995. Now for this week’s puzzle (White to move … Continue reading

Chess Puzzle Friday

Another Friday, another chess puzzle. White to move and win: If you think you know the solution, post it in the comments. The solution will be posted next week along with a new puzzle.

Solution Sunday

I’ve changed the Solution Saturday to Solution Sunday.  Here’s the solution to Friday’s puzzle. 1….Nf3+ if 2.Kh1 Qxf1# if 2.Kg2 Qxf1+ 3.Kxf1 Bh3# if 2.exf3 Qxf1+ 3.Kxf1 Bh3+ 4K.g1 Re1#

Chess Puzzle Friday

It’s Friday! So, here’s another chess puzzle for you today. Black to move and win: Think you know the answer? Post it in the comments. The solution will be posted Sunday.

Solution Saturday

Here’s the solution to yesterday’s Chess Puzzle Friday: White to move and win: Hopefully everyone saw: 1. Bh7+ Kxh7   2. dxf8=N+ Kh8   3. Nxd7 +- Okay, great if you saw that. But what if Black doesn’t take the bishop? 1. Bh7+ Kh8 2. dxf8=Q+?? Kxh7 3. Rxd7  and now black is in stalemate. Oops! Okay, … Continue reading