Posted in March 2012

3 Games From Quads Of March Chess Tournament

Here are three games from our Quads of March chess tournament played by Ben Silva. Except for some minor editing and insertion of diagrams, the analysis is his and, per his email, was done without the use of a chess engine and are his game-time thoughts and some postmortem analysis. Round 1 Froemke, Bruce (1562) … Continue reading

Quads of March Tournament Results and Report

We had a nice little turnout for our Quads of March tournament on March 10th. We were able to have three sections with one of them being a scholastic section. This was a USCF-rated tournament for all sections. The scholastic section was pulled together last-minute so that some younger players could get an official USCF … Continue reading

TIPP’s update

I will try to post, on a monthly basis, the TIPP (Tallahassee Involvement and Participation Points) standings. At the end of the year, the person with the most points will have their USCF membership renewed (or started if not yet a member). If you are a USCF Life Member, then some other form of award … Continue reading

Earn Your TIPPs for 2012

TIPP, short for Tallahassee Involvement and Participation Points, is a contest for members of Tallahassee Chess Club. TIPP’s will accumulate over the year and the member with the most TIPPs at the end of the year will receive a 1-year USCF membership (new or renewal). The member with the second most TIPPs will have their … Continue reading