Posted in December 2011

Finishing Brooklyn Castle

I’m posting an email I just received from Katie Dellamaggiore, director and producer of the documentary Brooklyn Castle. This is a wonderful project they have been working on for a few years now. Please read the letter and help out if you can. My name is Katie Dellamaggiore and I’m the director and producer of Brooklyn … Continue reading

Solution to Endgame Study of the Week (#4)

Here is the solution to this week’s endgame study. It is white to move and win: This endgame study is from the British Endgame Study News, Volume 14, Number 1, March 2009, page 420, by Paul Michelet, a version of a 1924 study by Mihkail Platov. White to move and win: 1.Bg6+ The only move. Otherwise Black will promote … Continue reading

Chess TV Episode #356

Here’s this week’s Chess TV (episode #356). This is the last “regular” episode of the season. Don’t worry, though because starting next week there will be winter specials until January (“a bit of a Christmas surprise.”). This week’s episode has world chess news, the Opening School continues with the Nimzo-India, a chess puzzle from a … Continue reading

Endgame Study of the Week (#4)

This week’s endgame study involves a pair of bishops for White against Black’s King and two pawns. It is white to move and win: I will post the solution and analysis on Thursday.    

London Chess Classic Round 9 Game of the Day

The final round of the 2011 London Chess Classic has finished. Vladimir Kramnik won the tournament with 16 points followed by Hikaru Nakamura in second place with 15 points. The rest of the field is as follows: Magnus Carlsen 14, Luke McShane 13, Viswanathan Anand 9, Levon Aronian 9, Nigel Short 6, David Howell 4, and … Continue reading

London Chess Classic Round 7 Game of the Day

Here is the 2011 London Chess Classic Game of the Day video by IM Andrew Martin for round 7. The opening is the Becker Defense of the King’s Gambit Accepted between Nigel Short as White and Luke McShane playing Black. A quick note about the Becker Defense of the King’s Gambit Accepted (from Wikipedia): The Becker Defence … Continue reading