Posted in March 2011

Last Chance: Register as a USCF Voting Member

The deadline for registration as a USCF voting member is March 31, midnight Central time. See the original post on USChess’ website. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your voice heard in the upcoming 2011 Executive Board election. Also pass the link on to friends:

FSU Chess Club New Meeting Location

According to a new posting on FSU Chess Club’s website/blog: FSU Chess Club will now meet in room 101A of the SLC, effective 03/18/11. Ask the front desk if you need assistance finding the room. Time will remain the same: Fridays @ 4:30pm. Our website will also reflect this change.

Happy Birthday!

Our website,, turned one year old on March 5th! Here are some statistics from Google Analytics covering the past year (03/05/2010 through 03/04/2011). These are only for the main website and does not include statistics for this blog. We had 2,036 total visits to our website for the year. There were 826 absolute unique … Continue reading

Knock Off the Rust! Chess Tournament

Are you ready to knock off some of the rust in anticipation of the upcoming Tallahassee Open / Robert L. Froemke Memorial Chess Tournament in May? Tallahassee Chess Club and  Gamescape are sponsoring a one-day “Knock Off the Rust! Chess Tournament” on April 2, 2011. Information and Registration form in PDF format: Knock Off the Rust! … Continue reading

March Tournament Results

NONE. There are no results from Wednesday night’s tournament–nobody showed up. Eric did come out after playing tennis and we played a few quick games. Remember to mark your calendar for next month’s tournament. It will be April 6th, G/20, registration is 6:45-7:00 PM. $5 entry-fee for Tallahassee Chess Club members and $7 for non-members.

Houdini vs Rybka recent match, Game 4

A nicely annotated game, by Kingscrusher (aka Tryfon Gavriel) between the two chess engines Houdini (as white) and Rybka (as black). Note that the YouTube video is titled “Rybka vs Houdini” but I’ve changed this post’s title to reflect the correct colors for this game.