Posted in December 2010

Mark Peach Memorial Chess Tournament

Here is the announcement and details for the upcoming tournament on January 22nd. This will be the Mark Peach Memorial Chess Tournament. I want to thank Joe McFadden for contacting Mark’s widow, Ari, to obtain her permission/blessing to hold this tournament in his honor. Most of you knew Mark as he was a regular on … Continue reading

We Now Have An Online Store!

I’d like to announce that we now have an online store where you can purchase Tallahassee Chess Club merchandise. All proceeds go directly to Tallahassee Chess Club to support chess in Tallahassee. You can go directly to our online store through the URL of*. You can also get to our online store from our homepage, just look for the … Continue reading

Digital Chess Clocks

Here are some informative and instructive videos on digital chess clocks. If you have one of these or are thinking about buying one, take a look at these videos. How to set a Chronos Chess Clock II: Chronos GX – how to access blitz and tournament modes: How to Program Delay on the Chronox GX … Continue reading

Bobby Fischer Vs. James Sherwin, 1957

Here’s an interesting game between Bobby Fischer and James Sherwin in 1957. Bobby plays a Closed Sicilian with a KIA setup and gets a crushing attack on his opponents king. The video has some good analysis. [Event “East Orange”] [Date “1957.??.??”] [White “Fischer, Robert James”] [Black “Sherwin, James T”] [ECO “B30”] [Result “1-0”] 1. e4 … Continue reading

Chess Tournament Scheduled for January 22nd

The Tallahassee Chess Club will be sponsoring another chess tournament on January 22nd. It will be held at the same place as the Capital City Chess Championship in October (516 North Adams Street). I will be sending more details in a few days, but I wanted to make sure you save this date now. This will be a … Continue reading

December Tournament Results

We had another nice tournament tonight. Seven players entered the tournament so we held a single round robin. Ben Silva and Don Conner tied for 1st place splitting the prize money. Following is the crosstable: Tallahassee Chess Club Monthly First Wednesday Tournament  December 1, 2010, Cross Table #  NAME             … Continue reading