Posted in November 2011

Chess TV Episode #354

This week’s chess TV contains more Nimzo-Indian Defense instruction in the Opening School, a report on a special tournament held in Germany, a chess puzzle, this week’s chess news, and a Chess History segment.

Chess TV Episode #353

Here is this week’s ChessTV (episode #353). This week’s video includes a continuation of the Nimzo-Indian Defense in the Opening School segment, a segment about an Executive Chess Education Program, two chess puzzles, and the Chess History segment has a story about the Swedish Royal Court in the 18th century. I hope you enjoy watching … Continue reading

Endgame Study (#1)

Here’s an endgame study for you to ponder. White to move. Is it a draw or is there a win? Post your analysis in the comments. Okay, here’s the solution: White wins. 1.Kf4 Kb7 2.c5 dxc5 3.Ke5 g3 4.Kd6 g2 5.a8=Q+ Kxa8 6.Kc7 g1=Q 7.b7+ Ka7 8.b8=Q+ Ka6 9. Qb6# 1-0

Chess TV, episodes 351 and 352

The last Chess TV episode I posted here was #350. So, I’m going to catch us up by posting the two most recent episodes (351 & 352). I’m going to try to put this on a weekly schedule. I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as I. Chess TV, episode 351. With segments … Continue reading

Chess TV, Episode #350

Here’s the latest Chess TV (episode #350) from October 31, 2011. Segments include The Opening School: King’s Indian Defence, 82nd FIDE Congress, Chess Puzzle, and Chess History.