Scholastic Match Results – Fairview vs. Imagine School

We had a great turnout and a fun scholastic team tournament this past Wednesday evening at Gamescape. Fairview Middle School brought their five strongest players to compete against the five best players from Imagine School at Evening Rose. It was a very close match with Fairview edging out Imagine by a score of 11.5 – 8.5.

I want to thank Gamescape for allowing us to hold this tournament in their store (those guys are the best!). I would also like to thank the parents and coaches for their help in getting kids to Gamescape and for being patient while the kids played their games, and to the coaches that worked as arbiters whenever questions arose in the games. And an especially big thank you to all the kids who made this a really great team match. You showed excellent sportsmanship, played well, and it looked like you all had a great time. I hope we can do a lot more of these in the future.

Following is the cross table from the event. A + is a win (1 point), a – is a loss (0 points), and a = is a draw (0.5 points).

As I stated earlier Fairview won the match.  They had 11 wins, 1 draw, and 8 losses for a total score of 11.5 points.

Imagine School put up some fierce competition and ended up with 8 wins, 1 draw, and 11 losses, for a total of 8.5 points.

How to read the chart: the first symbol (+-=) is the game result (win/loss/draw), the second (W or B) is which color the player had, and the third symbol is the opponent’s ID #. Using the chart below, we can see that Lucas Nolting in the first round won his game with the black pieces against his opponent (#6) Tinna Huynh. In the second round, he lost his game with the white pieces against his opponent (#7) Daniel Gavrilin.

Scholastic Team Match
Fairview Middles School vs Imagine School at Evening Rose
May 18, 2011
Tallahassee, Florida
ID NAME               School    Pts |  1     2     3     4
 1 Lucas Nolting      Imagine   2.0 | +B6   -W7   +B8   -W9
 2 Ben Miller         Imagine   1.0 | -W7   +W10  -B9   -B6
 3 Sarah Wilkinson    Imagine   2.0 | -B8   -W6   +B10  +W7
 4 Brad Burnham       Imagine   2.5 | +W9   -W8   +B7   =W10
 5 Mike Keeler        Imagine   1.0 | -B10  -B9   -W6   +W8
 6 Tinna Huynh        Fairview  3.0 | -W1   +B3   +B5   +W2
 7 Daniel Gavrilin    Fairview  2.0 | +B2   +B1   -W4   -B3
 8 Travis Rountree    Fairview  2.0 | +W3   +B4   -W1   -B5
 9 Brian Lockwood     Fairview  3.0 | -B4   +W5   +W2   +B1
10 Lucas Zhang        Fairview  1.5 | +W5   -B2   -W3   =B4

Here are a few photographs from the tournament. Parents and coaches, feel free to download any of these and print them out (they’d look great in a scrap book!).

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