Chess Tournament and Holiday Schedule

Chess Tournament

Ben Silva and Rod Gorby are putting together a chess tournament TONIGHT (12/18). The time control will be G/15 or G/25 depending on the number of players that show up and participate.

Holiday Schedule

This year, Christmas Day and New Years Day fall on a Wednesday, therefore there will be no meeting at Gamescape on those days. However, we will still be meeting at Black Dog Cafe on Saturday’s (12/21 and 12/28).

Summary of the next few weeks meeting schedule:

12/18, Wed. – Gamescape (Rapid Tournament)
12/21, Sat. – Black Dog Cafe
12/25, Wed. – NO MEETING
12/28, Sat. – Black Dog Cafe
1/1, Wed. – NO MEETING
1/4, Sat. – Black Dog Cafe
1/8, Wed. – Gamescape (Blitz Tournament)




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