September First Wednesday Tournament Results

We had a great showing last night for our “First Wednesday” chess tournament. There were 12 players and we had a six round swiss G/10 tournament. Congratulations to Ben Silva for taking first place with a perfect score and to Hugh Cline who took second place. Following is the cross-table for last night’s tournament.

September First Wednesday Chess Tournament
September 7, 2011
Tallahassee, Florida

No. Name                  1     2     3     4     5     6    Score
 1. Conner, Donald ...... L7    D8    W9    L4    W10   W12   3.5
 2. Cline, Hugh ......... D8    W7    W5    L3    W4    W6    4.5
 3. Silva, Ben .......... W9    W6    W4    W2    W7    W8    6.0
 4. Cullifer, Steve ..... W11   W5    L3    W1    L2    -B-   4.0
 5. Stricker, Ed ........ W10   L4    L2    W12   L8    L11   2.0
 6. McTigue, William .... W12   L3    L8    W11   W9    L2    3.0
 7. Foco, Roger ......... W1    L2    W12   W8    L3    W10   4.0
 8. Ferrin, Gabriel ..... D2    D1    W6    L7    W5    L3    3.0
 9. Lee-Sursin, Julian .. L3    W11   L1    W10   L6    -U-   2.0
10. Angel, Gabriel ...... L5    L12   L11   L9    L1    L7    0.0
11. McCaffrey, Liam ..... L4    L9    W10   L6    W12   W5    3.0
12. Stowers, Alex ....... L6    W10   L7    L5    L11   L1    1.0

Next month’s tournament is scheduled for October 5th and will be G/20. Registration is between 6:45PM and 7:00PM. Please, please, please try to be there before 7:00PM so that we can get the tournament started on time.

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