Participate in an FSU Department of Psychology research project

The Deparment of Psychology  at Florida State University has asked me to solicit our chess club members for participation in a research project. I am including the email from Faye Gong for your review. As a bonus, we will award 100 TIPPs to anyone who participates in this research project.

Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Faye Gong, from Dr. Ericsson’s lab in Department of Psychology, Florida State University. We are carrying out a psychological  research about “memory of chess positions and move selection”, so hopefully, we want to obtain your support and help us collect some chess players from your chess club. The purpose of this study is to better understand the relationship between memory and move selection in chess area, so we will ask the participants some questions about move selections as well as to memorize a few chess positions. This experiment is very interesting (some participants told me so, lol~) and will last for no more than 2 hours. We will pay every participant 20 dollars for general for their participation. Of course, this payment will be different according to their ELO ratings, for experts, they can get 30, for masters, they can get 40!!!

Besides, I noticed a big chess tournament will be held in town at the end of this month, that will be a great time for us to meet more skillful chess players! So please feel free to contact me about any doubts and any details, and please don’t feel any pressure~ Thanks a million~

VERY best wishes~

If you would like to participate in this exciting project or have any questions, please contact Faye Gong directly via email at

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