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Digital Chess Clocks

Here are some informative and instructive videos on digital chess clocks. If you have one of these or are thinking about buying one, take a look at these videos. How to set a Chronos Chess Clock II: Chronos GX – how to access blitz and tournament modes: How to Program Delay on the Chronox GX … Continue reading

Bobby Fischer Vs. James Sherwin, 1957

Here’s an interesting game between Bobby Fischer and James Sherwin in 1957. Bobby plays a Closed Sicilian with a KIA setup and gets a crushing attack on his opponents king. The video has some good analysis. [Event “East Orange”] [Date “1957.??.??”] [White “Fischer, Robert James”] [Black “Sherwin, James T”] [ECO “B30”] [Result “1-0”] 1. e4 … Continue reading

General Mobility of Pawns

Group mobility of pawns can become a great fighting instrument, which usually leads to decisive advantage. The first one who had a great contribution about this subject was Aron Nimzovitch in his famous book “My System”. He says that the group mobility of pawns, and not the mobility of one pawn, can become a great … Continue reading