We are still around

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tallahassee Chess Club is still around. We still meet at Black Dog Café (the one at Lake Ella) every Saturday from 2pm – 5pm for casual play. If you are new, just find some folks playing a game and introduce yourself and ask if you can a play some games.


Here’s a little puzzle for you today:
Black to move. Here’s a hint: White wants to play b6. How can Black stop this? If Black stops b6, then what is White’s next maneuver (strategy) to infiltrate Blacks position? Post your solutions in the comments.

3 thoughts on “We are still around

  1. …Qb6! Then Nxb6, pxb6 and it’s a draw as there is nowhere for white to infiltrate Black’s position without giving back the Queen.


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