2014 Eric Larsen Memoral

This Saturday (9/27) the Tallahassee Chess Club is proud to host the first Eric Larsen Memorial at the offices of AIF. Eric Larsen was a strong active player and long time prominent member of the club, so we hope you all will come and celebrate his life with us at what is sure to be an excellent event.

  • Tournament is a USCF quick rated 6 Round Swiss
  • Time Control: 20 min/ 5 sec delay
  • Round Times: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6pm (please eat lunch before the first round or pack a snack)
  • Entry Fee: $20 on site
  • Prizes (based on just 12 players): 1st $108, 2nd $60, 3rd $36, U1500 $36
  • Location: Associated Industries of Florida, 516 N Adams St, Tallahassee, FL 32301

After the sixth round we invite you to stick around for a tribute to Eric and for a Beer, Burgers and Blitz (unrated). Soda for the youngsters:)

Questions can be directed to Steven Cullifer or myself, Ben Silva, at bs10s@fsu.edu

6 thoughts on “2014 Eric Larsen Memoral

  1. Thought I’d let everyone know that the newly revamped FSU chess club will have a decent showing of new and existing members attending the Larsen. I hope some of our local chess club members/Blackdoganeers show these rookies how we do in Tally:)


  2. If you don’t mind my making a constructive suggestion, but you should give people more advance notice. I would think that would help your turnout.

    My comment was a strong player who loved chess.

    Don Conner

    On Mon, 22 Sep 2014 21:01:59 +0000 Tallahassee Chess Blog


    • I don’t disagree however we did mention it on a recent post (see “Tune-up for Southern Open…”) and more importantly Steve managed to get his AIF offices available to us for this particular weekend which also favorably coincided with an FSU away game, so some times you just have to be ready when the moment presents itself (that’s good chess advice too btw:).

      On top of this, it is only a 1 day quick chess event that essentially is run during the same time most players would be at Blackdog anyway, so I don’t feel it is too much of a stretch to attend and I hope to see everyone there.


  3. Just wanted to thank everyone who attended the Larsen memorial and Steven Cullifer in particular, whom without, nothing would ever get done chess-wise in Tallahassee. The turnout was excellent and the games competitive, no one swept the field. Best of all, we kept the event going hours after the last round with blitz and good food (albeit my version of the burgers were a bit over done). It was really great to see all those who knew and played Eric together to remember him in a unique way. This one was for you Eric!


    • I just wanted to chime in and thank Steve as well for all he has done for chess in Tallahassee. Also, I think Don Conner and Roderick Gorby should be recognized for their efforts to help keep this great game alive especially for Tallahassee’s youth.


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