Chess Puzzle Friday

First, the solution to last week’s puzzle:

White mates in 2 with…

1. Nf5 and Black cannot stop both mate threats via Qxg7# or Qh8#. For example:
1…Bxf5 2.Qh8#, or
1…Nxe5 2.Qh8#, or
1…f6 2.Qxg7# or,
1…Ne7 (hoping to block on g8) 2.Qxg7#
1…Qf6 (to protect g7) 2.Qh8#

This is from the game Gawain Jones vs Li Wu, England, 2005. I could not find the game score for this online.

Now for this week’s puzzle…

Black to move:

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