Fairview Winter Tournament

The Fairview Chess Club held a tournament January 23rd and 30th to select the members of it’s team in the forthcoming match with Imagine.    Nine players took part with Julian being the eventual winner.

   Player       1    2    3    4   Total Place
1. Julian       3D   2W   5W   6W  3.5   I
2. Travis       9W   1L   6W   5W  3     II
3. Eric         1D   6L   B    8W  2.5   III
4. Rayme        U    U    8W   B   2     IV - V
5. Carson       7W   8W   1L   2L  2     IV - V
6. Imhotep      H    3W   2L   1L  1.5   VI
7. Aishwareeya  5L   9W   U    U   1     VII - VIII
8. Marthesh     B    5L   4L   3L  1     VII - VIII
9. Malcolm      2L   7L   U    U   0     IX

W = Win – 1 point
L = Loss – 0 points
D = Draw - .5 points
B = Bye – 1 point
H = Half point bye
U = Unplayed – 0 points

2 thoughts on “Fairview Winter Tournament

  1. CXR (www.cxrchess.com) will rate this event, free of charge, if the Tournament Director will email me the final WALL CHART Text File (NOT the crosstable!) in a timely fashion. The players will receive free tournament memberships for the event.


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