Quads of March Tournament Results and Report

We had a nice little turnout for our Quads of March tournament on March 10th. We were able to have three sections with one of them being a scholastic section. This was a USCF-rated tournament for all sections. The scholastic section was pulled together last-minute so that some younger players could get an official USCF rating.

I’m not posting the wall charts here as the USCF does a very good job. You can view the USCF tournament results on their website. You can also view photos from the event on our Facebook Page.

Please note that in the SCHOLASTIC section the 5th round was played as the 1st round. Also, in the QUAD 1 section, the 3rd round was actually played as the 1st round. This is due to how I used the WinTD tournament software to pair all rounds for a RR event at the beginning of the tournament and I mistakenly printed the last round (the “current round “according to WinTD) and printed it out as the first round. It doesn’t matter what order you play the rounds in a RR as everyone plays everyone else, but it’s something I will have to keep an eye on in the future. The QUAD 2 section didn’t have this problem as it was a Swiss System format and each round was paired (and printed) prior to the start of each round.

There were 5 scholastic players and we had a G/30 RR/Swiss mixed format. The first 5 rounds were a round robin and the next three were Swiss system for a total of 8 rounds. The scholastic players had fun and we have 3 more with USCF ratings now! Congratulations to Julian Lee-Sursin who won all his games. All scholastic participants received a chess medal.

In the top quad (QUAD 1) we had four players (Ben Silva, Hugh Cline, Will Ebaugh, and Bruce Froemke). This was played as a 3-round Round Robin format at G/90+d5. There were some interesting games played and I have one that I will post separately. The final round (shown as round 2 on USCF report) was a match up between Hugh Cline (as white) and Ben Silva (as black) with both players have 2 points each and this game would decide the winner of the quad. Ben had a rook for a piece and several pawns. It definitely looked intense! Ben arose victorious in that final round and won the quad. I’d love to see that whole game (and post it online for others) — hint hint!

Finally, we had 5 players for QUAD 2 consisting of Joe McFadden, Paul Reynolds, Carlos Alonso, Tom Valentine, and Fred Hecking. This was played as Swiss System, G/90+d5. Just as round 2 was starting Billie Haynie and his friend Jarrod Harris showed up, so I was able to use Jarrod as a house player instead of assigning a bye to someone. Joe had requested a bye in the last round and by the end of the second round had already wrapped up first place! You will notice in the USCF wall chart that in the last round Billie and Jarrod also played each other, but neither were eligible for any prize money as they were used as house players.

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