TIPP’s update

I will try to post, on a monthly basis, the TIPP (Tallahassee Involvement and Participation Points) standings.

At the end of the year, the person with the most points will have their USCF membership renewed (or started if not yet a member). If you are a USCF Life Member, then some other form of award will be given.  The member with the second most points will have their Tallahassee Chess Club membership extended for a year.

You must be a member of Tallahassee Chess Club for at least 6 months of 2012 to be eligible to win. Please see our website’s homepage for how to pay/renew your Tallahassee Chess Club membership. You can now pay online via PayPal!

If you think there is a mistake with the number of TIPP’s you have been awarded, please see me ASAP so that I can make corrections.

TIPP’s as of March 2, 2012:
Name Membership
Good Through
Alonso, Carlos Nov-2012 0.0
Angel, Gabriel non-member 20.0
Chancy, John Nov-2012 0.0
Chen, Ben non-member 155.0
Cline, Hugh Nov-2012 150.0
Conner, Don Dec-2012 145.0
Cullifer, Steven Nov-2012 165.0
Dougherty, Colin Feb-2012 32.5
Ebaugh, William Jan-2012 0.0
Foco, Roger Apr-2012 0.0
Froemke, Bruce May-2012 0.0
Hand, Walter non-member 30.0
Johnston, Robin non-member 40.0
Kennedy, Richard non-member 65.0
Larsen, Eric Dec-2012 90.0
Lee-Sursin, Julian Nov-2011 110.0
Lenhert, Steve Nov-2011 45.0
McCaffrey, Liam non-member 20.0
McFadden, Joe Nov-2012 0.0
McTigue, Bill Nov-2011 10.0
Newmyer, Malcolm Feb-2013 90.0
Reynolds, Matt Feb-2013 80.0
Sanford, Jon Jan-2012 107.5
Schell, David Nov-2012 0.0
Shabazz, Daaim Nov-2011 0.0
Silva, Ben Dec-2012 100.0
Staub, Brian Jan-2012 0.0
Stricker, Lucas non-member 75.0
Theil, Carey non-member 45.0
Wainwright, Louie Aug-2012 0.0
Walker, Jonathan Jan-2012 0.0
Wiley, Bobby Dec-2011 0.0

Membership “Good Through” dates in red, indicate that it’s time to renew your membership.

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