Endgame Study #7 and Solution to Last Week’s Study

Here is this week’s endgame study. White to move.  I will post the solution next Monday.

Endgame Study #7

And here is the solution to last week’s study:
Endgame Study #6
It’s white to move and win with…


[ 1.g4?? Kxg4 2.Kd5 Kf5 3.b7 Be5 and Black can stop the pawn. ]
[ 1.b7?? Be5 2.Kd5 Bb8 and Black has again stopped White’s b-pawn and will go on to capture White’s g-pawn. ]

1… Be5

[ 1…Kf5 2.g4+ Kf4 3.b7 Be5 4.g5 Kf5 5.g6 Kf6 6.g7 ]
[ 1…Bf6 2.b7 Be5 3.g3+ Kxg3 ( 3…Kf5 4.g4+ Kf6 5.g5+ Kf5 6.g6 Kf4 7.g7 Bxg7 8.b8Q+ ) 4.Kxe5 ]

2.g3+ Kf5

[ 2…Kxg3 3.Kxe5 and white queens the bpawn.]

3.g4+ Kf6

[ 3…Kf4 4.g5 ( 4.b7?? Bb8 5.g5 Kxg5 and Black will draw. )]

4.g5+ Kf5 5.g6 Kf6

[ 5…Bg7 6.b7 Be5 7.g7 Bxg7 8.b8Q ]

6.g7 Kxg7 7.Kxe5


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