TIPP Winners for 2011

The final TIPP’s (Tallahassee Involvement and Participation Points) for 2011 have been counted and the winners have been determined. Topping the list with 1,995 points was Hugh Cline, who will receive a 1-year renewal/extension  to his United States Chess Federation membership. The next highest was Ben Silva with 1,660.5 points and he will receive a 1-year renewal to his Tallahassee Chess Club membership.

At the beginning of this year, everyone’s TIPP’s were reset back to zero. So the race is on to be the 2012 TIPP leader!

Following was the final 2011 TIPP’s leader board:

Name TIPP’s
Alonso, Carlos 210
Chancy, John 1,220
Cline, Hugh 1,995
Conner, Don 925
Cullifer, Steven 1,245
Dougherty, Colin 1,235
Ebaugh, William 930
Ferrin, Gabriel 130
Foco, Roger 795
Froemke, Bruce 420
Krishnan, Siddarth 70
Larsen, Eric 1,352.5
Lee-Sursin, Julian 677.5
Lenhert, Steven 122.5
McFadden, Joseph 505
McTigue, Bill 620
Sanford, Jonathan 975
Schell, David 220
Shabazz, Daaim 310
Silva, Ben 1,660.5
Staub, Brian 70
Wainwright, Louie 20
Walker, Jonathan 690
Wiley, Robert “Bobby” 50

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