Solution to Endgame Study of the Week (#4)

Here is the solution to this week’s endgame study. It is white to move and win:

White to move and win

This endgame study is from the British Endgame Study News, Volume 14, Number 1, March 2009, page 420, by Paul Michelet, a version of a 1924 study by Mihkail Platov.

White to move and win:

The only move. Otherwise Black will promote the pawn.
[ 1.Bf7?? a1Q 2.Bg6+ Nd3 3.Bxd3+ Ka2 4.Bc4+ Ka3 5.Bd6+ Kb2 6.Be5+ Kb1 7.Bxa1 Kxa1 And White can only draw. ]

[ 1…Nd3 2.Bxd3+ Kb2 3.Be5+ Kb3 ( 3…Kc1 4.Kf7 The Black King is now isolated from his pawns and the White King will march over and capture the Black pawns. ) 4.Kf7 Kb4 5.Ke6 Kc5 6.Be4 ( 6.Bc2 Kb4 7.Kd5 Kb5 8.Bd3+ Kb4 9.Bc4 Ka3 10.Bc3 a1Q 11.Bxa1 Kb4 12.Be5 a3 13.Bd6+ Ka4 14.Kd4 a2 15.Bxa2 ) 6…Kc4

A) 7.Kd6 Kb4 8.Kc6 Kc4 9.Kb6 Kb4 10.Bd5 Ka3 11.Bc3 ( 11.Ka5?? a1Q 12.Bxa1 ) 11…a1Q 12.Bxa1 Kb4 13.Bb2 a3 14.Bd4 Ka4 15.Bc3 a2 16.Bxa2

B) 7.Bd5+ Kb4 8.Bxa2 Ka3 9.Bc4 Kb4 10.Kd5 a3 11.Bd6+ Ka4 12.Ba2 Kb5 13.Bxa3 ]

(The only move. Why will be apparent as you work through the rest of the solution.)

[ 2.Kf7?? gives away the win Nc4 takes away the e5 square from White’s bishop 3.Bd3 ( now 3.Ke6?? loses the game Kb2 4.Bh6 Kb3 5.Bg7 Nb2 and the Black knight shields the queening square ) 3…Kb2 4.Bxc4 a1Q 5.Be5+ Kb1 6.Bxa1 Kxa1 ]

[ 2…Nd1 3.Bg7+ Nb2 4.Kf7 a3 this is a transposition back to the main line. 5.Kf6 Nc4 6.Ke6+ Nb2 7.Ke5 Nc4+ 8.Kd5+ Nb2 9.Kd4 Na4 10.Kc4+ Nb2+ 11.Kc3 Nd1+ 12.Kb3+ Nb2 13.Bh6 Nc4 14.Bf5 Nb2 15.Kxa3 Nc4+ 16.Kb3 Ne5 ( 16…Nd6 17.Bg7# ) 17.Kc2 Nc4 18.Bg7+ Nb2 19.Bxb2# ]

[ 2…Nd3 3.Bg7+ Kb1 ( 3…Nb2 4.Kf7 a3 and we have transposed back to the main
line. ) 4.Bxd3+ Kc1 and the White King will march over and capture the Black pawns. ]

3.Kf7 Nc4 4.Bg7+ Nb2 5.Kf6 Nc4 6.Ke6+ Nb2 7.Ke5 Nc4+ 8.Kd5+ Nb2 9.Kd4 Nd1
[ 9…Nc4 10.Kxc4# ]

10.Kc4+ Nb2+ 11.Kc3 Nd1+ 12.Kb3+ Nb2 13.Bh6
[ 13.Kxa3?? stalemate. ]

[ 13…Nd3 14.Kxa3 ( 14.Bxd3?? stalemate. ) 14…Ne5 15.Bf5 Nc4+ 16.Kb3 Nd2+ 17.Kc2 Ne4 18.Bg7+ Nf6 19.Bxf6# ]

14.Kxa3 Nc3
[ 14…Ne3 15.Bg7# ( 15.Bxe3?? stalemate. )]

[ 15.Bg7?? stalemate ]

15…Ne4 16.Bf5
[ 16.Bxe4?? stalemate ]

[ 16…Nc3 17.Kc2 Ne4 18.Bg7+ Nc3 19.Bxc3# ]

[ 17.Bxd2 stalemate. ]

17…Ne4 18.Bg7+ Nc3 19.Bxc3#

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