London Chess Classic Round 9 Game of the Day

The final round of the 2011 London Chess Classic has finished. Vladimir Kramnik won the tournament with 16 points followed by Hikaru Nakamura in second place with 15 points. The rest of the field is as follows: Magnus Carlsen 14, Luke McShane 13, Viswanathan Anand 9, Levon Aronian 9, Nigel Short 6, David Howell 4, and Michael Adams 3.

Here is the Game of the Day video by IM Andrew Martin for round 9. The opening is the Modern Defense of the King’s Gambit Accepted between Hikaru Nakamura as White and Nigel Short playing Black.

A quick note about the Modern Defense of the King’s Gambit Accepted (from Wikipedia): The Modern Defence, or Abbazia Defense, (3.Nf3 d5) has much the same idea as the Falkbeer Counter-Gambit, and can in fact be reached by transposition, e.g. 2.f4 d5 3.exd5 exf4. Black concentrates on gaining piece play and fighting for the initiative rather than keeping the extra pawn. It has been recommended by several publications as an easy way to equalize, although White keeps a slight advantage due to his extra central pawn and piece activity. If White captures (4.exd5) then Black may play 4…Nf6 or recapture with 4…Qxd5, at which it point it becomes the Scandinavian Variation of KGA.

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