First Wednesday Tournament Results

Here are the results from our Monthly “First Wednesday” tournament. At the request/agreement of the players we changed the time control from G/20 to G/15 so that there would be enough time to complete a Round Robin. There was a three way tie for first between Richard Kennedy, Colin Dougherty, and Ben Silva. Following is the cross table for the event:

“First Wednesday” Tournament
October 5, 2011 – Tallahassee, Florida

No. Name                     Rate  1  2  3  4  5  6  Score
 1. Kennedy, Richard K...... 1977  x  W  L  W  W  W   4.0
 2. Dougherty, Colin T...... 1818  L  x  W  W  W  W   4.0
 3. Silva, Ben.............. 1816  W  L  x  W  W  W   4.0
 4. Ferrin, Gabriel......... 1207  L  L  L  x  W  W   2.0
 5. Sheppard, Chris......... nnnn  L  L  L  L  x  W   1.0
 6. Foco, Roger............. 1445  L  L  L  L  L  x   0.0
Mark your calendar for next month’s tournament which will be November 2nd and will be G/5.

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