Robert L. Froemke Memorial Chess Tournament Results

What a weekend! It was long (for me anyway), but we had a very successful tournament. First, I want to thank all the players that came out and supported the first USCF rated tournament in Tallahassee in over 11 years. Also, I want to thank Gamescape for hosting the tournament (at no cost to us).

There was some exciting chess on the boards this weekend. I hope many of you will submit your games for posting. Just email them to me (with or without analysis).

We had 20 players register for the tournament and 7 of them took home some money and 6 took home trophies. We paid out a total of $1,115.16 in cash prizes.

There was a three-way tie for overall first place between Bryan Tillis, Jon Sanford, and Colin Dougherty. Bryan took home the trophy for First Place on tie-breaks, Jon took Second Place and Colin Third Place. They split the prize money of $818.19, each receiving a check for $272.73.

In the Under 1700 category, Will Ebaugh took clear First Place (U1700) followed by Jonathan Walker with Second Place (U1700). There was a tie for Third Place (U1700) between Bruce Froemke and Bill McTigue who split the cash prize, but Bruce had better tie-breaks and was awarded the trophy for Third Place (U1700). Cash prize for 1st U1700 was $169.70, for 2nd U1700 was $84.85 and 3rd U1700 was $42.42 (which was split between Bruce and Bill each receiving $21.21).

Following is the cross table; you can also view it from our US Chess affiliate page. Photos from the event are after the cross table.

Robert L. Froemke Memorial / Tallahassee Open

May 27-29, 2011

No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Sanford, Jonathan 2130 4.0 W12 W6 -H- D2 W5
2 Tillis, Bryan 2117 4.0 W17 W8 W5 D1 D6
3 Larsen, Eric 2114 1.5 W13 D7 L11 -U- -U-
4 Jenison, Brad 2001 2.0 W14 L11 L16 W18 L15
5 Malekan, Alexander 1981 3.0 W22 W20 L2 W10 L1
6 Kennedy, Richard K. 1977 3.5 W15 L1 W7 W14 D2
7 Cline, Hugh 1883 2.5 W16 D3 L6 L12 W14
8 Ararat, Miguel 1881 3.5 W18 L2 W15 W16 D12
9 Chancy, John C. (as a house player) 1826 1.0 W19 -U- -U- -U- -U-
10 Chancy, John C. 1826 2.5 -H- D12 W18 L5 D16
11 Dougherty, Colin 1818 4.0 W21 W4 W3 -H- -H-
12 Silva, Ben 1816 3.0 L1 D10 W13 W7 D8
13 Bowman, William C. 1803 2.0 L3 L16 L12 W17 W21
14 Froemke, Bruce 1559 2.0 L4 W21 W20 L6 L7
15 Ebaugh, William 1535 3.0 L6 W17 L8 W21 W4
16 Walker, Jonathan E. 1501 2.5 L7 W13 W4 L8 D10
17 Marchant, Nelson 1477 0.0 L2 L15 L21 L13 L18
18 McTigue, William 1458 2.0 L8 -B- L10 L4 W17
19 Banerjee, Abhimanyu 1422 0.0 L9 -U- -U- -U- -U-
20 Parnell , Lonnie 1196 1.0 -B- L5 L14 -U- -U-
21 Mitchell, Glenn E. Unr. 1.0 L11 L14 W17 L15 L13
22 Mitchell, Glenn E. (as a house player) Unr. 0.0 L5 -U- -U- -U- -U-
And here are some photos:

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