April Chess Tournament Results

We had a nice turnout for our monthly “First Wednesday”  tournament tonight. Congratulations to Ben Silva for winning all his games and taking 1st place and to Carey Theil for taking 2nd place. Following is the cross-table for the tournament.

April Monthly Chess Tournament
Tallahassee, FL – April 6, 2011

ID NAME                  Pts |  1     2     3     4  
 1 Theil, Carey          3.0 | -W4   +W5   +B3   +B6    
 2 Larsen, Eric          2.0 | -B5   +W6   -W4   +B3    
 3 Cline, Hugh           1.0 | +W6   -B4   -W1   -W2    
 4 Silva, Ben            4.0 | +B1   +W3   +B2   +B5    
 5 Cullifer, Steven      2.0 | +W2   -B1   +B6   -W4    
 6 Foco, Roger           0.0 | -B3   -B2   -W5   -W1

Mark your calendar now for next month’s tournament which will be G/5 on May 6th.

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