Happy Birthday!

Our website, http://TallahasseeChess.com, turned one year old on March 5th!

Here are some statistics from Google Analytics covering the past year (03/05/2010 through 03/04/2011). These are only for the main website and does not include statistics for this blog.

We had 2,036 total visits to our website for the year.

There were 826 absolute unique visitors.

A total of 6,113 pageviews. The average numbers of pages/visit was 3.00.

The average time on the site (per visit) was 3 minutes and 59 seconds (00:03:59).

40.57% of the visits were new and 59.43% were returning visitors.

Here is how people reached our website:

Referring Sites: 790 ( 38.8%)
Direct Traffic: 686 (33.69%)
Search Engines: 544 (26.72%)
Other: 16  (0.79%)

Visits to the website have come from USA, Russia, Puerto Rico, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Netherlands, Uganda, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Chile, Belgium, Bahamas, Greece, and Panama.

Google Analytics Report for TallahasseeChess.com.

Blog Statistics:

I don’t have as much detailed statistics for the Blog, but we have had 2,458 views on our blog during our first year (03/05/2010 through 03/04/2011).

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