Queen of Hearts Chess Tournament

The 39th Annual Queen of Hearts Chess Tournament in Montgomery, Alabama was held this past weekend. John Chancy and I participated in this event again this year. This is the 2nd longest running tournament in Alabama behind their State Championship. The event is well attended each year and this year was no exception. Six states were represented at the tournament. Caesar Lawrence was Chief TD and Doug Strout was Assistant TD. As always, this was a very well run tournament. There were 34 players in the Open section and 23 in the Reserve section. There was a lot of exciting chess on the boards and being higher rated was no guarantee of a win. I highly recommend this tournament if you can schedule it for next year!

You can see the cross table on USCF website.

You can also visit Caesar’s website or the Alabama Chess Federation for upcoming tournaments.

John and I promoted our upcoming Tallahassee Open/Robert L. Froemke Memorial chess tournament and we hope to see some of the Alabama players come down for this tournament.



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