Tournament Announcement: May 27-29, 2011

2011 Tallahassee Open / Robert L. Froemke Memorial
Tallahassee Chess Club is proud to sponsor the Tallahassee Open/Robert L. Froemke Memorial Chess Tournament. The tournament is in honor of Dr. Froemke, who for many years was the driving force of chess in Tallahassee. Many “old timers” around here have him to thank for their love of chess today. I remember the first tournament I played in as a young child was organized and run by Dr. Froemke.

Get the Tournament Announcment and Registration Form in PDF format.

View the USCF TLA.

Here are the specifics for the tournament:


Hosted by Tallahassee Chess Club
May 27-29 or 28-29, 2011

$500 Guaranteed First Place

Other prizes 70% guaranteed

1 Section: Open, 5 Round SS, G/120, first round for 2-day option is G/90

This is a USCF Rated tournament. Bring your own chess set and clock. No smoking, No computers, Wheelchair Access

Entry Fee:
3-day: $51.00
2-day: $50.00
$60.00 on-site (cash only on-site)
Free entry to any player rated 2200+ USCF
(must pre-register by mail/phone for free entry)

$30 Re-entry available
Mail entries must be received by May 20, 2011

On-site Registration (cash only):
3-day: Friday 5pm–6pm
2-day: Saturday 8am–9am

Friday: 6:30pm (3-day option)
Saturday: 9:30am (2-day option),  1:30pm, 6:30pm
Sunday: 9:30am, 2:30pm

Playing Location: Gamescape, Tallahasee Mall, 2415 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Note: The playing area is in a large open area with minimal noise suppression. There will be some ambient noise while playing.

Prizes (based on 25 paid entries): $500-250-125 U1700:$200-100-50
More entries will result in higher prizes. Only one prize per player. ½ point bye any round, must notify TD before start of round 2.

Hotel InformationQuality Inn, (850) 562-2378, 3090 North Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32303
Single or Double: $47.99, free breakfast included

Direct questions to Chief TD: Steven Cullifer,, (850)345-7838

All Players must have proof of their USCF membership.
Get or renew your USCF membership at before the tournament!

——————– Registration Form ——————–


USCF ID:_____________________________________________________________

Exp. Date:____________________________________________________________




___ 3-day Option (Fri: 6:30 PM, Sat: 1:30 PM, 6:30 PM, Sun: 9:30 AM, 2:30 PM)

___ 2-day Option (Sat: 9:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 6:30 PM, Sun: 9:30 AM, 2:30 PM)

My Entry Fee of $_______________ is enclosed.

Make check payable to Tallahassee Chess Club (include player’s name and USCF ID# on check)

Mail Entries To:
Tallahassee Chess Club
209 West Georgia Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301-1138

Pre-registration mail entries must be received by May 20, 2011

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