Tallahassee Chess Club Revenue & Expenses Report

I wanted to update everyone on the club’s financial situation.

First, a big thank you to everyone that has paid their membership dues! We have 17 official members of the club. Thirteen are full-membership (right to vote on club business) and four are student/senior memberships.

Since starting the club we’ve had two one-day tournaments that have generated $900 in tournament entry fees. We’ve paid out $625 in prizes! We joined the USCF and FCA as affiliates.

Things are looking bright for the future of Tallahassee Chess Club.

All of these means that we will be able to host a USCF rated tournament in May and guarantee prizes that should attract some strong players to Tallahassee.

Following is our Revenue & Expense statement as of February 1, 2011:

Tallahassee Chess Club
Revenue & Expenses
as of February 1, 2011
 Membership Dues            $   365.00 
 Capital City Championship      360.00 
 Mark Peach Memorial            540.00 
TOTAL REVENUE                           $ 1,265.00 
 Capital City Championship  $   240.00 
 Mark Peach Memorial            385.00 
 Bank Charges                    32.69 
 USCF Affiliate Dues             40.00 
 FCA Affiliate Dues              30.00 
TOTAL EXPENSES                          $   727.69 
NET INCOME/(EXPENSE)                    $   537.31 

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