Mark Peach Memorial Chess Tournament Results

Mark Peach Memorial Chess Tournament Sponsored by Tallahassee Chess Club

We had an excellent tournament this past Saturday! Thanks to all who played and those that came out to watch some of the games being played. There were some very interesting games and I hope some of you will submit them, along with some analysis, for posting in a future blog entry.

We had 16 players compete. That’s four more players than our last tournament in October. After the dust settled we had a four-way tie at the top between Jon Sanford, Ben Silva, Hugh Cline, and Daaim Shabazz. They all split the 1st-3rd place prize money of $330 (1st-$192.50, 2nd-$82.50, 3rd-$55) so that each received $82.50. Will Ebaugh was the clear winner for the “Lower half” prize of $55.

Following is the cross table for the event:

Mark Peach Memorial Chess Tournament
Tallahassee, FL
January 22, 2011
 ID NAME                 Rtg   Pts |   1     2     3     4  
  1 SANFORD,JONATHAN     2130  3.0 | +W8   =B5   +W4   =W6   
  2 LARSEN,ERIC R        2114  2.5 | =B11  -W10  +B13  +B8   
  3 SHABAZZ,DAAIM        2030  3.0 | +W12  =B6   +W9   =BYE  
  4 CLINE JR,HUGH E      1883  3.0 | +B13  +W7   -B1   +W10  
  5 CHANCY,JOHN C        1837  2.5 | +W14  =W1   -B6   +B7   
  6 SILVA,BEN            1817  3.0 | +B15  =W3   +W5   =B1   
  7 WARD,JAMES F         1657  1.0 | +W16  -B4   -B10  -W5   
  8 SPRAGUE,WAYNE E      1614  2.0 | -B1   +W14  +B12  -W2   
  9 CULLIFER JR,STEVE    1579  2.0 | =BYE  +W11  -B3   =BYE  
 10 EBAUGH,WILLIAM P     1535  2.5 | =BYE  +B2   +W7   -B4   
 11 MCTIGUE,WILLIAM      1528  1.5 | =W2   -B9   -B14  +W16  
 12 WALKER,JONATHAN E    1501  2.0 | -B3   +W15  -W8   +B14  
 13 MC FADDEN,JOSEPH     1339  2.0 | -W4   +B16  -W2   +B15  
 14 VALENTINE,TOM        1275  1.0 | -B5   -B8   +W11  -W12  
 15 LEE-SURSIN,JULIAN     664  1.0 | -W6   -B12  +W16  -W13  
 16 WARD, SAMUEL          Unr  0.0 | -B7   -W13  -B15  -B11

Here’s a few photos from the tournament. I wish I had taken more.

2 thoughts on “Mark Peach Memorial Chess Tournament Results

  1. Hmmm…This was 2011?! Was there a 2nd one and will there be a Peach Memorial this month? Seems to me there needs to be at least 5 tournaments a year, with $5 discount to members, to justify $25 membership. I think sections would help draw lower rated players since they’d like to compete for prizes too and not just give their hard earned money away to club experts. Nice pics b-t-w!


  2. Yes, we only had one Mark Peach Memorial tournament which was in 2011. We do have approx 4 or 5 tournaments in addition to 4 or 5 scholastic tournaments each year. On top of all that we have a monthly blitz/rapid tournament on the first Wednesday of every month. I am planning a Quads of March tournament and then we will have a 3-day (with 2-day option) tournament in May. We have a scholastic tournament this Saturday (January 26th). All our tournaments, except the monthly “first Wednesday” tournament, have discounts for Tallahassee Chess Club Members.


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