How Do You Resign a Chess Game?

In an article in the 1950 Chess Review, Reinfeld and Kmoch writing about the game between Alekhine and Grünfeld, Vienna 1922, that, “Alekhine resigned – by taking his king and throwing it across the room”. Kmoch was a participant at the 1922 Vienna tournament. I hope none of you have resigned in this fashion.

But, what is the proper way to resign? If your opponent extends his hand to you and you accept it, have you accepted his resignation or his draw offer?!!

I have a certain way that I usually resign but I have decided to change it slightly. Normally, I would say, “I resign” and extend my hand to congratulate my opponent’s win. Most of the time, but not always, I remember to tilt my King over. But what if my opponent didn’t hear me, or I mumbled my words? Well, from now on I will (at least, I will try to remember) to pick up my King and lay it gently on its side in the middle of the board as well as verbalizing my resignation and extending my hand in congratulations to my opponent. This seems to have a bit more class and leaves no doubt about my intension of resigning the game.

So, how do you resign a game of chess?

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