January Tournament Results

We had another nice turnout for our monthly “First Wednesday” chess tournament. Steven Lenhert took 1st place and Ben Silva took 2nd place. Thanks to everyone for a great tournament. Here is the wall chart from the event:

January 2011 First Wednesday Chess Tournament 
Tallahassee, Florida - January 5, 2011 
ID NAME                 Pts |  1     2     3     4 
 1 Conner, Don          2.5 | =W4   +B5   -W2   +B6   
 2 Lenhert, Steven      3.5 | +B5   +W3   +B1   =W4   
 3 Cline, Hugh          2.0 | +W6   -B2   -W4   +B5   
 4 Silva, Ben           3.0 | =B1   +W6   +B3   =B2   
 5 McTigue, William     1.0 | -W2   -W1   +B6   -W3   
 6 Lee-Sursin, Julian   0.0 | -B3   -B4   -W5   -W1  

Mark your calendar now. Our next monthly First Wednesday chess tournament is February 2nd. This will be a G/5 minutes and number of rounds will depend on how many players we have, most likely it will be a round robin or double round robin. Registration is 6:45 PM to 7:00 PM. Entry fee is $5 for members and $7 for non-members. Our monthly First Wednesday chess tournaments are held at the Burger King on Tharpe Street. See our website for more information and link to a map.

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