Digital Chess Clocks

Here are some informative and instructive videos on digital chess clocks. If you have one of these or are thinking about buying one, take a look at these videos.

How to set a Chronos Chess Clock II:

Chronos GX – how to access blitz and tournament modes:

How to Program Delay on the Chronox GX Chess Clock:

How to Program move time Increment – Chronos GX digital chess clock:

How to Configure Fischer, Bronstein, and Normal Delays on Chronos Chess Clocks (I or II):

DGT XL Chess Clock:

Programming a DGT XL chessclock:

Programming a DGT XL chessclock:

DGT North American Chess Clock:

DGT Easy Game Timer – Chess Clock:

DGT 2010 time correction:

Saitek Chess Competition Game Clock Scholastic Blue:

Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock III:

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