Membership Dues Now Being Collected

Membership Dues

Today we set up a business bank account at BB&T. This means we will now begin collecting membership dues.

  • Adult dues are $25/year
  • Student dues are $10/year
  • Senior dues are $10/year.

You can earn 50 TIPP’s if you pay your dues by November 30th! Get 25 TIPP’s if you pay your dues by December 31st.

What do you get for your dues?

Your dues, first and foremost, will go towards setting up an annual Tallahassee Open. We will need to be able to guarantee a prize fund to draw in players from outside Tallahassee. Also, we will need to rent somewhere to hold the tournament. Your dues will help to that end. Holding a tournament here in Tallahassee means you don’t have to pay the travel expenses (hotel, gas, dining out, etc.) that is required when you travel to play in a chess tournament. This will save you $200 or more!

Our monthly “First Wednesday” tournament will be $5 for members and $7 for non-members. If you play every month that will be worth $24 by itself. Any additional local tournaments, like the Capital City Chess Championship we held on October 23rd, will similarly have a lower rate for member vs. non-members.

Tallahassee Open Planning Committee

Speaking of the Tallahassee Open, our Vice-president Colin Dougherty, is heading up the planning committee for this. Please speak with him about helping out. Even if all you can do is make a few calls to see how much meeting facilities will be. Also, as a bonus, you can earn 25 TIPP’s for serving on the Tallahassee Open Planning Committee.

Club Tournament Director

I received my Club Level Tournament Director Certification from the United States Chess Federation. This is good for 3 years and is renewable. We will now be able have USCF rated tournaments with up to 50 players. I can also submit matches for rating by the USCF. If there is anyone that wishes to have a rated match or even a small tournament such as a quad, please let me know and we’ll make it happen.

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