Earn Your TIPPs

TIPP JarTIPP, short for Tallahassee Involvement and Participation Points, is a contest for members of Tallahassee Chess Club. Beginning with November’s “First Wednesday” chess tournament, TIPPs were awarded to those that attended the Wednesday night meeting and for participating in the chess tournament. TIPP’s will accumulate over the year and player(s) with the most TIPP’s at the end of the year will receive some kind of an award. TIPP’s for this year will carry over to next year because we are implementing the program so close to the end of this year.

How can you earn TIPPs?

  1. Get 10 TIPPs for attending our Wednesday night chess club meeting. You could earn 40-50 TIPPs each month if you show up every Wednesday!
  2. Earn TIPPs when you play in a sponsored chess tournament. Each win (in a played game) is worth whatever the Time Control for the game is in minutes. A draw is worth half the Time Control for the game. Examples: you are playing in a G/10 tournament. You will earn 10 TIPPs for a win and 5 TIPPs for a draw. for a G/5 tournament you will get 5 TIPPs for a win and 2.5 TIPPs for a draw.
  3. Write articles for this blog: annotate one of your games, report on a tournament you attend, post an interesting chess-related anecdote, or whatever you think will be interesting for our members to read. Earn 10 TIPPs for an article posted on the blog.
  4. Earn 1 TIPP when you post a comment to an article on this blog. Look for the “Leave a comment” link/box below each article.

I’d like to hear from everyone about how we can increase participation and involvement with Tallahassee Chess Club. If you have any questions or an idea for a TIPP activity, please let me know (use the comment link/box below and start earning TIPPs now!)

10 thoughts on “Earn Your TIPPs

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