Fairview Middle School Tournament Results

Fairview Falcons

Following is the crosstable of the recently completed Fairview Middle School tournament:

Name Rd1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd4 Rd5 Total Place
1 Brian Lockwood W10 L2 L17 W5 W15 3 4-8
2 Kyle Chen W11 W1 W6 W16 W12 5 1
4 Jarvis Fagan L12 L17 W14 W8 U 2 11th(Playoff)
5 Reef Taylor W14 L6 W11 L1 L9 2 10TH(Playoff)
6 Miles Nesbit W15 W5 L2 W17 W10 4 2-3
7 John Davis W13 L12 U U U 1
8 Jordan Rogers L16 W14 L9 L4 U 1
9 Tinna Huynh L17 W13 W8 L10 W5 3 4-8
10 Michalis Manias L1 W11 W18 W9 L6 3 4-8
11 Isaac Bernstein L2 L10 L5 Bye W7 2
12 Teja Jakkala W4 W7 L16 W15 L2 3 4-8
13 Amaia Patterson L7 L9 U W18 U 1
14 Westin Bielecky L5 L8 L4 U U 0
15 Lucas Zhang L6 W18 W19 L12 L1 2 9TH(Playoff)
16 Siddu Dussa W8 W19 W12 L4 L17 3 4-8
17 Travis Rountree W9 W4 W3 L6 W16 4 2-3
18 Genesis Thomas L19 L15 L10 L13 U 0
19 Hashim Muhammad W18 L16 L15 U U 1

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