Capital City Chess Championship (tentative)

This is only TENTATIVE, but it looks like we will have a Chess Tournament (unrated) on October 23rd. It will be a 4 Round Swiss and be a G/60. Entry fee will be $25.

In addition to the tournament we will have an organizational meeting for the Tallahassee Chess Club between one of the rounds where we will approve by-laws, elect officers, and any other business related to the Tallahassee Chess Club.

I would like to receive your comments about officially forming the Tallahassee Chess Club prior to the tournament. We will need to elect officers at that time, so I would like to hear from everyone about who you would like nominated, if you desire or are willing to serve as an officer. I will make available sample By-Laws in the next few days. We need to elect at least three officers (President, Secretary, & Treasurer).

Please direct your questions, concerns, and comments to me via email ( or call me (850-345-7838).

Thank you,

Steve Cullifer
Tallahassee Chess Club

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