Sketch said to show Hitler playing chess with Lenin is up for sale

A drawing of Adolf Hitler playing chess against Vladimir Lenin 100 years ago is today expected to fetch up to £40,000 at auction.

For decades historians have argued over the likelihood that two of the world’s most notorious dictators pitted their wits against one another over an innocuous chessboard.

But forensic evidence has suggested that signatures on the back of the pencil sketch are those of the Nazi leader and the Russian revolutionary.

The etching, which made headlines last year when it was revealed, is said to have been created by Hitler’s Jewish art teacher, Emma Lowenstramm. It is titled ‘A chess game: Lenin with Hitler  –  Vienna 1909’.

The two men are thought to have lived minutes from one another in the Austrian capital in the early 1900s. The teacher’s house was renowned as a meeting place for political free thinkers at the time.

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